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How to Become a Good Public Speaker

Many people may argue that public speaking is a talent. This might be true, but even the experienced public speakers experience stage fright. Being afraid is a normal part of the journey, but it is not something that should shutter your dreams. You need to understand that even the best public speakers practice and prepare before they deliver a speech.

Becoming an excellent public speaker is all about learning how to prepare and interact with your audience. Your first public speech might not be the best, but it is possible to make improvements over time. A speaker coach can also help you with public speaking skills. Here are some tips on becoming a good public speaker:

Plan and Prepare Your Speech

public speakingThe first step is to make sure that you plan and prepare. Planning and preparing your speech will give you confidence when you go on stage. when you know what you are talking about, it will be easy to interact with your audience.

The best way to prepare is to come up with an outline of the speech. If possible, break down the speech into notes that you can use as reference points during the speech. With proper planning, you can deliver the speech like a pro.


You do some practice before you deliver the speech. Doing some practice will help you to identify your weak areas and correct them before you go to the stage.

You can practice by delivering the speech to your friends and family. Your friends and family will help you to identify the problem areas and offer positive criticism that you might need at that point.

Body Language is Everything

Your body language says a lot when it comes to speech delivery. The audience can read your body language before you even say a word to them.

A confident body language will keep the crowd engaged, and they will take you seriously. Learn how to deal with nerves and avoid fidgeting during the speech delivery.

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Connect with Your Audience

The only way to deliver your speech successfully is to connect with your audience. You need to make sure that the audience is not bored by keeping them engaged.

There are different ways to engage your audience, and one of the ways is to ask leading questions. When the audience feels like they are part of the speech, they will not be bored. It will be easy to interact and connect to your audience without any problems.…

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