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The 4 Classic Elements Of Zodiac Sign

Even if you are not one of those who believes in the horoscope, you have undoubtedly heard about the zodiac signs and their classification into four classic elements, which are air, water, earth, and fire.

Zodiac Sign

Since we have 12 Zodiac Signs and four elements, we can easily conclude that each
element has three signs linked to it. Each of these signs has their personal traits that can complement or clash with characteristics of other signs.

A Cycle

Placing these signs under their respective elements follows a cyclic order. For example, Aries belongs to the fire element, and it is followed by the Taurus, which is an earth sign. In turn, the Taurus is followed by the Gemini, which belongs to the air element, and, after that, we have the Cancer, which belongs to the water category. The same cyclic order repeats for the remaining eight elements.

Astrology & The Signs

Many astrologists, all over the world, firmly believe that the symbolism of these signs is very exact. They also claim that the basic element under which your specific zodiac sign lies has a deep and profound effect on your characteristics and personal traits.

The main elements are also used by astrologists to define the human interpersonal relationships between individuals who fall under the same related zodiac signs. For example, the main elements are used to define the romantic relationship between a person, whose sign falls under the category of earth, and an individual whose sign belongs to the water element.

The basics of modern astrology rely on the classical mythology, which stated that the world is composed of earth, fire, water, and air. To ensure harmony and bring balance to all life, these elements must coexist peacefully. The same teaching is applied to astrology and the way we consider interpersonal relationships of people who fall under different signs of the zodiac.

With the study of the main elements, astrologists can figure out the unique characteristics of every individual, even some hidden ones, and help them achieve success on both the professional and private level. This usually pertains to a professional career, love relationships, health, nature, and psychology.

The Fire

sadasdasFor example, individuals, whose signs fall under the fire category, are usually very temperamental, but if managed and treated properly, they can be very effective and crafty. These people are also known to be very emotionally volatile, but also passionate, as well.

The Water

Water signs also signify emotional aspects, in addition to our intuition. Water can be solid like ice or fluid like liquid. It can also evaporate and turn into clouds. People who have a water sign are very curious and willing to explore.

The Earth

People, who fall under the earth category, are known as stable, robust and multifaceted individuals. They are very dependable and trustworthy.

The Air

Last, but not least, people with air signs are tough to contain. Since air is the necessity of life, these people are essential to the individuals who fall under other elements. They are known for their problem-solving capabilities and complex thought processes.…

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