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Cat Food 101: Decoding Their Favorites

For us humans, who live in a world of social media, visual representation of food places higher than its actual taste. We even take our time to take photographs of the food before consuming it. Can you believe that this is the exact opposite for cats?

Cats determine their food preference by their smell and texture in their mouths. This is the key to determining your cat’s food choice.  A well-balanced diet is a must. You’ll know when they had a great meal by seeing them sleep in their favorite corner and rubbing their faces with their paws.

Cat’s FavoritesCat's Favorites

Cat’s develop their food preference starting from when they were still a kitten. Those who grew up in a secure home would have different food preferences compared to those who were born on the streets. Regardless, it’s always a great idea to introduce different kinds and texture of wet food to your cats. Just like humans, you have to introduce a variety of food to know which one suits your cat the most. The important thing to remember is that you have to transition your food correctly. You can start by mixing the new food to the old one, then slowly transitioning it to the new one.

This introduction of a variety of wet food not only helps the owners with prosperous meal times, but it also adds benefits to the cat’s nutrition. For example, wet food can help in supplying additional water to dehydrated cats, while dry foods help in cleaning the cat’s teeth through friction. This idea suggests that from time to time, it’s good to have a combination of both wet and dry food for your cats.

Scents and Textures

Cats are said to have 65 million olfactory receptors, that’s why feeding cats with aromatic food is crucial to developing its food preference. We often see our cats sniffing their food before finally deciding to eat it, and sometimes they simply just walk away and don’t touch their food at all.

Food texture is just as important as the food’s scent. Once the cat picks up their food, they’ll decide whether they will make a meal out of the food they picked. Trial feeding with different food types and textures can be done to determine the right food for your cat.

Cat's Favorites

If you are having a hard time determining your cat’s food preferences, mix a variety of food on a bowl and watch which food he or she picks. It is really a test of trial and error.…

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